Since we founded We Make Change, I have had the opportunity to connect with thousands of people across the world who want to make change happen.

But just as I have been inspired by our generation, I have also been troubled by it. I have met many people who feel helpless to make the change they want to see. This means that many do nothing. 

Every generation is called upon to address the greatest challenges of their time. The suffragettes fought to give women the right to vote in Britain, civil rights activists fought for equal rights in the United States, and independence advocates across Africa fought for the end of colonial rule. It comes to our generation to address the challenges of our time.

We are the first generation that can end extreme poverty and the last that can address climate change. We are also the largest, most connected, and most highly educated generation ever. The challenges we have are more urgent than ever, but the opportunities we have are greater than ever. If we are to address the challenges of our time, we must unite as a generation to solve them. That is why we started #MakeChangeNow.




#MakeChangeNow is a movement to unite our generation to make the change we want to see. We are harnessing the power of technology to enable anyone, anywhere to support the causes they care about. We will empower those who join the movement to use their skills to support projects from NGOs and social enterprises across the world.

It is a movement that transcends national borders, political parties and philosophical beliefs by uniting people behind the common causes they care about. It is not an independent community, but a connected network, where we enable our members to support communities, networks and organisations who need their skills to grow their impact.

But we cannot wait to act. Because every day that goes past the challenges we face become harder to address. That is why your journey to making the change you want to see starts today - by joining the movement. 

Simply sign up to become part of the generation that makes the change we want to see. Together we will #MakeChangeNow.

James Sancto
Co-Founder & CEO
We Make Change