#MakeChangeNow to Launch in 10 Countries

When we launched the movement to unite our generation to change the world, we didn’t know how many people would want to join. But we have been overwhelmed by the response so far!

We have not only had thousands of people from across the world sign up. We have had so many people say they want to grow the movement in their own country.

That is why this week we are going to be launching the movement in 10 countries across the world! We have got National Teams in these countries who will be working together to grow the movement to #MakeChangeNow.

The national launches will be announced on our Facebook page. You can find all the launch dates and times below.

We’re inspired by the enthusiasm we’ve seen from our generation to #MakeChangeNow. We’re excited to take the movement truly global and can’t wait to launch in even more countries soon!

It is time for our generation to unite to #MakeChangeNow!

Want to join the movement to #MakeChangeNow?

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