Coco Wings: Save Water




Improve ground water retention and storage and grow gardens/farms in less water.




Even as the streets of Mumbai flooded due to Monsoon rains in June, all four main reservoirs that supply water in Chennai dried up, causing widespread suffering and alarm.

Better retention of groundwater is a suitable solution to both extreme ends of the problems caused by the unpredictability of rains in India. Numerous scientific reports indicate that cities and countries face similar fates of water shortage in the near future all over the world as a result of climate change, poor infrastructure, deforestation, and a lack of awareness as well as motivation to fix this problem with new/alternative approaches.

The world is running out of water.




Cocopeat is a natural, biodegradable product made out of coconut husk.

It has great qualities as a soil conditioner or substitute. One kilogram of cocopeat can absorb up to eight litres of water and retain it for several months. As such, it is an excellent alternative to regular soil for farms, gardens, and other places of vegetation. In areas like Chennai that are predicted to face annual water shortages, measures to improve groundwater levels are a necessity.

In areas like Mumbai that annually face floods, the presence of cocopeat can help greatly decrease the level of floods. It is safe to say that in the near future we will need to switch to practices that are not as water-intensive. In this regard too, cocopeat is of great use as it helps obtain the same yield for less water.

Hydroponic plants in particular are known to grow significantly faster in cocopeat as compared to regular soil. Cocopeat’s ability to retain water for months saves both effort and wastage that occur during watering plants.



  • Environment




I, Vandita Tiwari, founder of CocoWing by ShoppersWing, am working hard to save water with solutions which are eco-friendly. I have done extensive research in the past few months, to know, which is the best option.

We have a biodegradable, economically priced product which can help in growing plants and reduce city pollution plus can benefit the farmers.

To make a change, we need passionate people who can understand the need and how to bring a change and I definitely count myself as a self-motivated, passionate person to bring the change, in small and bigger scales as and where possible.





  • We need a team to hold online awareness sessions and explain to people how the product can be beneficial for the environment and saving water.

  • Also the marketing person should be able to help spread our message to the decision making authorities (in private societies, government officials) and explain the importance of the product and suggest them to take quick actions. 

  • Time: 4 hours per week.


  • Funds needed to increase reach plus reach the farmers from all over the globe to explain to them the benefit of soil conditioner.

  • Time: 6 hours per week





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