Democracy Club




Our vision is of a country with the digital foundations to support everyone’s participation in democratic life.




Our mission is to create those foundations by:

  • Identifying areas for improvement in democratic engagement;

  • Ensuring everyone has access to quality information on democratic processes, particularly on elections;

  • Mobilising a non-partisan movement of volunteers for democracy.

We are non-partisan and we work openly. We’re a community of 10,000 volunteers and a small core team.

We don’t have a view of ‘the perfect democracy’. Instead, we try to make constant iterative improvements based on citizens’ needs. We judge those needs based on publicly available research, feedback on our websites and online search data.




What we do:
The club
We coordinate a club of thousands of democracy volunteers, who do small online tasks to help make democracy better. The club helps create our Data and Apps.

We create the tools to aggregate data for democracy and make it available to everyone. This includes lists of elections, candidates and polling locations. Our data is trusted by the Electoral Commission, Google, Facebook, the Guardian and more.

We build apps to answer direct questions from voters, such as 'Who can I vote for?' and 'Where do I vote?'.

Try out the Apps and get the Data via our Projects page.



  • Communities

  • Rights




Joe Mitchell: Co-executive director

I do stuff that isn’t technical. Admin, comms, hustling/organising, fundraising. Also interested in evaluation and product. Formerly civil service, various advocacy organisations, bit of academia. Been here since we went ‘serious’ in Jan 2016.

Ella Botting
I wear many hats and I’m interested in many things. I grew up in Dubai, moved to Leeds in 2012 to study a bachelor’s in psychology and then a Master’s in social and political thought and now work in London. I’m interested in our political system from that academic perspective, as well as how we enable our population to regain some authority and control. I’m also a user researcher for the Civil Service so I’m intrigued in the ways we design our democracy and the varying levels of political accessibility. I now live in London and run a site called I interview women in tech and digital in the hope of improving the visibility of womxn and thus inspiring others to get involved. I love olympic weightlifting, ballet and yoga, but don’t always have time for them all.

Sym Roe: Co-executive director

Sym leads technical side of things stuff. And shares with joe and the rest of the board the finance, strategy etc. Sym contracted with Min. of Justice and various campaigns (like 10:10) before this. Been here since we went ‘serious’ in Jan 2016.




We need help from anyone interested in helping UK democracy. It's mostly inputting candidate data, but there may be other things. Please reach out!


  • Help with researching candidates for elections, as well as some user research on each of our user journeys.

  • Time: 2+ hours a week


  • Even more helpful if volunteers have any service design skills and can help us map out the entire end to end journey.

  • Time: 2+ hours a week





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