We want to encourage individuals to take healthier, “greener” routes through London by providing them with data on a) how much pollution they are exposed to, and b) how much emissions they create, by taking a certain route when travelling across London.




A majority of individuals are completely unaware of the pollution levels they are exposed to and how much they create when travelling across London on a daily basis. Moreover, they are also unaware of the alternative routes they could take to avoid high levels of pollution.

A lot of individuals assume that travelling inside a vehicle (car/taxi/bus/tube) is safer as they are protected from the polluted air outside. This, however, is false - a 20-minute journey on the Northern line through central London has the same effect as smoking a cigarette.

Moreover, children are being affected the most. A recent study by the Lancet Public Health, found the capacity of children’s lungs was reduced by 5% when NO2 pollution was above legal levels. Pregnant women, children and adults with asthma are also at a much higher risk.




We want to build a solution for existing travel apps or build our own by providing alternative “greener” routes to travel across London. The main component of the app will be to display DATA on a) how much pollution you are exposed to (e.g. colour coded, low to high risk), and b) how much emissions you create (colour coded, low to high level) by taking a certain route.

For example, you walk to work through the main road which puts you at high pollution exposure in 20 minutes. GreeneRoutes app will provide you with a healthier route to work which may take you 27 minutes instead but with much lower exposure to pollution.

There is a huge information gap regarding pollution contribution and exposure in the area of traffic network that will be solved by providing proven data and tangible solutions through GreeneRoutes, a user-friendly app for the general public.



  • Communities

  • Environment

  • Children

  • Health




Olmo Martinez - is our Data Guru. Olmo worked as a Data Scientist at companies such as TripAdvisor, ABinBev and Tesco. He also found his own data company - ClusterMath Analytics.

Kayla Schulte - is our Research lead. Kayla has a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a Masters of Science in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance from Oxford University. Her expertise extends across digital technologies, visual design and environmental social science.

Inga Driksne - is our Project Leader. Inga has over 6 years of experience working in the tech startup world, after graduating from The London School of Economics. She has built Recruitment, HR, Sales and Operations functions from scratch at early stage tech startups and has solid Project Management skills.

Hannah Fuchs - is our Comms Lead. She studied Philosophy at the University of Vienna as well as Tübingen and then completed a Masters in EU Politics at The London School of Economics. She now works as a strategic communications consultant at Lansons.






  • Help us conduct research across London boroughs, i.e. a survey around peoples’ habits to estimate idea’s potential.

  • Time: 5+ hours per week


  • Design a website and marketing material, including a logo, collateral (e.g. one pagers etc.).

  • Time: 5+ hours per week

Post Research Phase:


  • Develop an MVP for a mobile app (including getting APIs from CityMapper/Google Maps/Ways and stitching a lot of pollution data together).

  • Time: 5-10 hours per week

Post User Testing Phase:


  • Help us raise funding for further development of the app.

  • Time: 5+ hours per week


  • Help us promote the app across digital and physical.

  • Time: 5+ hours per week





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