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Glimpse is a creative collective which has tons of potential. Our mission is to bring creativity to charities and good causes, and give disadvantaged young people a start in the creative sector.

But we can’t do this alone.  

We have nearly 1000 volunteer members across the world who want to use their skills for positive social and environmental causes. We have deep experience in creative work, design, PR and marketing, but we’re pretty weak at raising funds and business strategy.

As an example of what we do: last Christmas we came up with an idea called Choose Love: the world’s first store that sells real products for refugees. We designed and built a pop-up shop in the heart of London and worked with UK charity Help Refugees to raise nearly £1m for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. This is what we do: bring the power of creativity to important causes.

We’re a not for profit with an asset lock and we’re not in this to make money. But we need to pay salaries and build a sustainable organisation that can thrive for years to come. We also want to bring on some new staff in the next year or so - paid interns from disadvantaged backgrounds who will require training, mentoring and help.




We need a crack team of finance and fundraising experts who can help us fill in the gaps and turn Glimpse into a stable, robust organisation for decades to come. We need your help to tell a compelling story to funders and to create a winning business strategy which allows us to do more of the creative work we’re good at, more of the time.

Right now we’re doing paid consultancy and training to pay the bills. Our training programme Glimpse Studio sees us work with like minded organisations to bring meaningful creativity and wellbeing to their staff and work.

But by 2020 we want to be a fully independent organisation that campaigns on important social and environmental issues, generating income primarily from membership subscriptions, events, crowdfunding, grants and major donors.

We think we’re doing something pretty new: working with young people from diverse backgrounds alongside some of the world’s best creative minds to help tell a new, positive story about our world. We’re generating a ton of goodwill but not so much in the way of income. Can you help?



  • Environment

  • Animals

  • Children

  • Health

  • Communities

  • Culture

  • Social Welfare

  • Spirituality

  • Humanitarian Aid

We’re working on ideas about oceans plastics, mental health, refugees and nature with Greenpeace, 1010, Help Refugees, Goldsmiths College and all sorts of other people.





Applications are open to join the volunteer team to make the project happen.

Application deadline: Monday 30th July, 23:59 BST




Co Founders James Turner and Zac Schwarz, and nearly 1000 volunteer members around the world. James is a former head of communications for Greenpeace, while Zac has worked as creative director at a range of major agencies including Freuds. They’ve teamed up because they share a passion for positive campaigning and think there’s a huge untapped resource of creative professionals who want to use their skills for good.

Glimpse members come from all sorts of backgrounds but mostly work in advertising, graphic design, NGOs and the visual arts.





  • We need a CFO (or equivalent) who wants to try new things with an innovative, purposeful organisation. We have a big membership and network, tons of industry experience and a powerful new brand. But how can we deliver the income we need while not compromising our principles? What opportunities are we not seeing at the moment?
  • Time: 2-3 hours per week, tops.


  • We believe that Glimpse is a really attractive proposition for funders - we’re reaching new audiences and doing projects that make real change in the world. But we’re different from the rest, so we  need help explaining what we do and finding the right funders. There are two sides to this - our campaigning work itself, and the mentoring and support scheme we offer to young people. How can we marry the two? Can you help us with fundraising strategy work, informed advice and applications for the right grants?
  • Time: 3-4 hours per week.

Application deadline: Monday 30th July, 23:59 BST