Tabasamu Langu (My Smile)




Giving an opportunity to kids with cerebral palsy for them to live a normal life by making their parents and society aware of this disability and how to live with them.




Cerebral Palsy is a disability. However, to some Tanzanians it is aligned with witchcraft, thus making it a big problem to the parents of the child faced with this kind of situation.

Some parents are forced to hide their child fearing to be notified as witches while some mothers are left as single mothers by their husbands after bearing children with such disabilities. Many mothers go through hard times just because society is unaware of the problem and mothers often have no knowledge on how they can manage the situation and treat their children.

Through Tabasamu Langu, we are planning to educate society especially mothers and society in general on how to manage this situation. It will be done through outreach and television programs.




Tabasamu Langu Project is a multifocal project which umbrellas a diverse range of programs under its wings. The primary focus of which it is benchmarked upon is Cerebral Palsy (CP) Advocacy Wing of the Tabasamu Langu project. We have invested in creativity and innovation of exquisite ideas in implementing the role of health promotion by tackling the major aspects of health i.e. preventive, curative and rehabilitative. 

In 6+ months we hope that the awareness about CP being a manageable disability will have reached as many people as possible and the children who currently suffer from this disability will be just as the normal kids and they will have an opportunity to reach their dreams. We also hope to have freed the minds of people who believe that CP has something to do with witchcraft, curses and improper notions that leads to some families getting into misunderstandings.

To combat this, we have created advocacy strategies that we ought to employ in the process of addressing the condition. We have planned to have community centered workshop seminars, focused group outreaches and media platforms. So far we have achieved creating a documentary video which is just a primary stage of the project itself.

Consequently, we have established an association with Comprehensive community based rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) hospital which is a reputable facility which provides  rehabilitative care. Through this corporation we are sure of professional corporation and consultation our target population will receive accurate and useful information.

Achieving this goal surely comes with insurmountable challenges, but as youths it is our goal to approach every challenge as an opportunity, to seize it and employ different means to make a difference in the lives of these children and their caregivers respectively.



  • Social Welfare

  • Children

  • Health




I am Jessica Mshama and have won an award from Clouds media’s “Malkia wa Nguvu” as Malkia Ajaye (The Next Queen) this gave me access to the Television (Clouds TV) whenever I have a project that I will be doing for a lifetime.

For Tabasamu Langu, Clouds Media will be involved in airing the activities thus making the information flow both nationally and beyond.

I have also got in partnership with Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) which is one of the big hospitals in Tanzania who will offer professionals to help in addressing the issue in a professional context with credibility.

I have partnered with Joshua Sultan who is a Co-Founder of the project. He is a student at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMC) Tanzania pursuing Therapy studies who will also participate in awareness giving under guidance of CCBRT professionals.





  • Organizing, planning and managing the project to ensure its success.

  • Time: 6+ hours per week


  • Help in campaigns of raising funds that will help in transport and completion of the project.

  • Time: 6+ hours per week


  • Making the project aware to the people and coming up with a good marketing strategy for the program’s success.

  • Time: 6+ hours per week


  • Events – organize events for fundraising and for the seminars.

  • Time: 6+ hours per week


  • To capture events and videos throughout the project for social media sharing and website.

  • Time: 6+ hours per week


  • Creating, designing the website and helping with content generation.

  • Time: 6 hours per week





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