Revolutionise Online Donations




When people read about causes they care about they are driven to want to take action. However, taking action is not easy. More often that not, readers don’t know what charities are available and which will have the largest impact. Even if they did find a cause, the process of supporting a charity, whether by donating or signing a petition, is often long and complicated.

Even if a reader does their own research, chooses a charity, and finds the charity’s online donation portal, research tells us that there is a 79% drop off rate. The result: fewer people taking charitable action online.

Charities do amazing work but many of them are struggling to adjust to a world where an increasing amount of content is consumed online. At the same time, a new generation of potential donors are bombarded with emotive content but are still left searching for the best ways to make a positive difference.




We are moving the charity sector into the digital age by allowing people to take meaningful action the moment they read about something. We want to revolutionise online giving, making it faster, simpler and safer to take action.

Our artificial intelligence technology embeds an interface into online content that allows one to donate or sign a petition in three easy steps without leaving the page. Donaco streamlines the process of taking action online allowing people to devote more time to the things that matter.

By allowing charities to receive funding on third party sites, Donaco creates a whole new, previously unexploited revenue channel for charities. Donaco requires no upfront cost and is simple and easy to integrate into any website. Eventually, we hope to reach a position where our artificial intelligence technology contextually recommends the most effective charitable action based on the reader and the given article.

Our technology helps people take meaningful action about causes they care about while also providing charities with the support they deserve to have a greater impact at no upfront cost. But for this to work, we need your help!



  • Environment

  • Animals

  • Children

  • Health

  • Rights

  • Communities

  • Culture

  • Social Welfare

  • Spirituality

  • Humanitarian Aid




Applications are open to join the volunteer team to make the project happen.

Application deadline: Friday 31st August, 23:59 BST.




We are currently a team of three Imperial graduates with over 10 years of experience developing deep analytical and user predictive technologies and exposure to the not-for-profit and media sectors. Most importantly, we have a team of determined, young people trying to drive positive change.

We are supported by Imperial College London and have won awards including the Microsoft Imagine Cup. We have already partnered with charities as large as UNICEF for our first launch!





  • We are looking to redesign our website and would welcome help with UI/UX and branding.

  • Time: 3+ hrs a week.


  • Along with our new branding, it would be great to get some support to create our marketing material. This is a great opportunity to work with the charity and media sectors.

  • Time: 3+ hrs a week.


  • We are producing a product demonstration video and could use some expert help. This would be sent to all our prospective media and charity partners.

  • Time: flexible.


  • We only just went live with our product so we have lots of work to do (features to add, website to review, dashboard to rework, code reviews)! Whatever your skill level, there is something you can help with. We offer a unique challenge and opportunity to be involved in a startup environment, working with a very exciting team that includes researchers from Imperial at the forefront of AI and other technologies. Tech stack : React.JS, Node.JS, Firebase…

  • Time: TBD.


  • We are currently reviewing our sales strategy to ensure we meet our targets for the upcoming months and would love your support! As we are growing our network, you also have the possibility to be involved in reaching out to some of the larges UK charities and media.
  • Time: 3+ hrs a week / flexible.


Application deadline: Friday 31st August, 23:59 BST.