Take.Give is a virtual tour platform that will show the participant both the shadows and lighter sides of the busy streets of London. This self guided virtual tour will show the participant the hidden sides of London by focusing on stories and content focusing on the issue of homelessness, whilst also enhancing their experience with Augmented Reality interactions through the participant’s own smartphone camera.




Too often people think of homelessness as an impossible problem to tackle or even as a normal phenomenon that could not be eradicated from our society.


There are hundreds of brilliant ideas that could help to solve homelessness, but people either do not know about them nor do they think of themselves as an integrative part of the solution.

Our mission is to help people understand homeless by providing engaging content that will educate the participant in the main issues, then promote the user to help make a change.

The content of the tour will feature stories from individuals and the work of outreach programmes, then connect them with the people and charities that are actively working on the issue, incentivising them to help make a change by either giving a donation to one of the charities featured, sign a petition online or volunteer their time for a cause.




We want to create a new experience that will walk the user through the streets of London and  share stories and content with the help of Augmented Reality. AR will help us show what is happening on the streets that people cannot normally see, thus informing and inspiring the users to make those same streets better. Each of those tours will follow the pattern "Learn. Inspire. Do".

The first step is to let the user know how homelessness is affecting our society. The second   step is to introduce the user to associations and charities actively working on these issues Finally, we will let the user interact with those given associations by showing them ways they can donate or raise awareness. 

In order to deliver high quality content, we will collaborate with non-profit associations / organisations and other third parties to ensure that the right messages and issues are focused on.



  • Social Welfare




Antonio (Linkedin) - full-stack developer, scrum lover and crazy creative. I love to work with all the new cutting-edge technologies the market has to offer and put them to good use by helping people around me. I firmly believe tech has the power to make things better and thus it’s my job to make it happen.

Roberto (Linkedin) - product owner, UX designer and everything-else-that-looks-cool passionate. I like to make users live a better life and to make products follow the same path. My goal is to make everything work and make those experiences something that the user will never forget!





  • You will have to work together with associations to develop a story to be told in each tour.  Each tour needs also both audio and text contents connecting the various interest points of the tour.

  • Time: 3 hours per week


  • You will work together with the story writer in order to generate all the visual content. You must be able to create 3D models suitable for the AR tour in the mobile app.

  • Time: 2 hours per week


  • There is a lot going on with both the app and the website. The experience has to be as smooth and interesting as possible with lots of stunning interactions with the real world with your smartphone.

  • We will need both UX and UI designer for mobile app, website and social media campaign. Graphic design skills would also be really important. 

  • Time: 4 hours per week


  • You will have to create content suitable as a promo for each tour and for marketing purposes. Able to shoot and edit videos and photography suiting the website and other web platforms. Every once in awhile we will also need your help to build the experiences.

  • Time: 2 hours per week


  • It is not easy to build an AR platform and everything has to be really smooth. We will need both full-stack dev that loves to work with cutting-edge technologies and has worked with mobile app dev or a web dev that would help us build our website and other user-facing content.

  • Time: 4 hours per week

No matter your level of experience, we would gladly welcome your help in any of those areas, being you a professional, a student or just someone really passionate about it.





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