#MakeChangeNow Video Competition




#MakeChangeNow is a movement uniting our generation to change the world.

One of the key reasons that many people do not make change is because they don’t believe that they can.

That is why we are inviting you to create your very own video that will inspire people to make change happen.




It’s really simple…

  1. Record a video telling people why they should #MakeChangeNow in one sentence.
    Begin your video saying ‘#MakeChangeNow because…’ and inspire people from there!

  2. Post your video on Facebook with the hashtag #MakeChangeNow, a link to www.wemakechange.org, and tag three friends asking them to create their own videos.

  3. We will watch all the videos and feature the best ones across our We Make Change social media profiles. If you get featured, your video will reach thousands of people across the world!




We’re not looking for the next Steven Spielberg - the simpler the better - just record yourself on your phone. It should ideally be in portrait format. The most important thing is that what you say should be short, snappy and inspiring.

Get making your video, so that we can inspire others to join the movement to #MakeChangeNow!

We Make Change