Track Change



Keep track of the progress your project is making



It is important to ensure that the key deadlines for the project are being met. You can check this by looking at the tasks outlined on the project Trello board.

It may be that some parts of the project get slightly delayed, but it is important to keep to deadlines as much as possible, other projects can drag on and in danger of not being completed.



Keep your Trello board updated!



As you develop your project, it is important to check whether you are achieving some of the goals that you set out in your project plan. These can be really good indicators of whether your project will be a success once it is delivered. It can also help you to refine your plan as you work your way through it and make any changes that might help it to grow.

You should be looking to see how you can find success along the way that will help to validate your idea.










You might need to change things along the way to help your project progress.



Some things might happen, or you might discover things as the project develops that mean that you want to consider changing certain elements of your project along the way.

This is completely normal and you might be frustrated or disappointed, but you shouldn’t be. This is part of the process of learning.



'I never lose. I either win or learn.' Nelson Mandela



Discuss some of the issues that you might be facing with your team, as well as other people in your network, who might be able to provide advice about the best direction to take.

It can be good to get the perspective of people outside of the project, as they can provide a new perspective.



Make sure to make a firm decision about any significant changes that you might make. This will make the progressing with your project a lot easier for everyone.

When doing this, make sure to agree any significant changes with your project team and communicate the changes to everyone in the team and to your Project Coordinator.




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